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Prior to its launch, 1Touch is offering a remote or in person internship program. The program presented is searching for talented individuals that specialize in areas such as marketing, programming, graphic design, website developing and computer engineer. 


The team at 1Touch has created a marketplace for e-commerce retailers and influencers to actively engage with each other and create partnerships. In collaboration with Hootsuite, 1Touch aims to reinvent how social media influencers are monetizing through social media. Also, transforming how different e-commerce retail stores aim their marketing efforts and how they measure their success in social media or any online presence. 


The startup based in Boston, MA aims to provide interns enrolled in the program with insight in how to start a company and the different issues that might arise in the development of a brand. Also, the internship offers tools for the people enrolled that will certainly help them in the future. Actively engaging with other startups, as well as people in the project development industry, will surely aid interns in their personal career goals. 

As for what the interns would be doing during the internship program, it depends on their area of specialty. Even though every role in the company is different, interns will essentially be helping the company grow the brand through social media, content creation and various presentations that are to be made for investors. 


Participation in the internship program for a duration of at least six months over an 18-month period, will award the intern with the possibility of full time employment at the company. 


If you are interested in joining the internship program, please reach out to us at careers@1touch.market during normal business hours so we can schedule a phone or in person interview to talk about your skills as well as how you can help the company grow.